Pat Hall Dance & Movement
Golden Years Dance

Pat Hall Dance & Movement Class
Weekly on Saturday 3-5pm
Cancelled July 27 & August 9, 2008

Ms. Hall, along with musician and storyteller Pam Patrick, has been teaching a weekly "Community Dance" class that has become a ritual celebration for many New Yorkers. She has created a powerful teaching style uniting dance, rhythm, and song. Her teaching is warm, clear, and joyous. Pat creates an environment and dance community that nurtures, heals, renews, and inspires the body and spirit through the joy of dance.

The class was listed in New York magazine's "The Best of New York", New York Confidential and was also written up in New York Woman's "Time Out".



Mark Morris Dance Group
3 Lafayette Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Any train to Atlantic Ave or Pacific St

Please call 718.390.7431 for updates

Copyright 2007 Pat Hall
photos by Domenica Bucalo